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The MEDrefer platform helps hospitals engage with Primary care by hosting referral forms for each of their referral intake points and delivering structured patient data to smooth triage, patient registration and power decision support and internal routing. Along the way we keep referrers informed of the status of their patients' referrals.

Streamline referral intake with Flexible service listings

With precise listings at the hospital, outpatient service and/or specialist level you have the flexibility to ensure incoming referrals are relevant to the services you offer. Each listing can be linked to one, or more eReferral forms, or “eForms” which are presented to referrers when they select a listing to address a referral to.

Portable eForms: Capture the info you need, first time

Define one or more eReferral Forms or “eForms” to be presented to referrers each time they refer. You can define mandatory and optional fields you require to ensure the transfer of care goes smoothly, and you're empowered to accept, triage or reject the referral with the relevant clinical data to hand.

Improve intake workflow with atomic data in FHIR

The atomic data from your referral forms are transferred to your eMR/PAS and can be used for decision support, triage or to reduce admin transcription effort. We are FHIR native and can deliver a clinical data bundle within a standard HL7 V2.4 message, or direct to the hospital's FHIR API if supported by the EMR.

Review and triage referrals, with GP and Patient, informed

The admin and triage teams can view a summary of the referral prior to accepting the patient's referral and if necessary, reject - with the referring clinician automatically notified. Even after acceptance, you can inform referrers of Did Not Attends (DNAs) with a single click, so all can meet their duty of care obligations. Having access to the data you've mandated to referrers in your custom referral form takes the unknowns out of the equation.

Captured where your referrers are, delivered securely to you

The referral forms you define can be published via any website - the Hospital's, the PHN's, HealthPathways and of course direct to GP EMRs. Once a referral form is submitted, it is bundled into a secure message and delivered to the preferred endpoint defined by the Hospital.

A direct line to your referring GPs EMR

When it’s time to discharge and transfer care back to your Patient’s GP, your custom discharge eForm streamlines workflow with direct access to the patient’s data, wrapped in a branded header and footer. Your electronic correspondence will look just as good as your paper based one and be faster to write and deliver.
Coming soon...
Administrative and clinical triagers will soon be able to request specific additional information electronically and have it delivered for attachment to the original referral. This Request for Info (RFI) workflow promises to dramatically speed up the time from receipt to acceptance and allocation to the appropriate waiting list.

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From our best in class Referral Directory to our HealthPathways compatible eReferral forms to triage management and atomic data, MEDrefer gives Hospital teams the tools they need to deliver better outcomes.