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Getting Started with MEDrefer in Bp


Registration for MEDrefer is easy, and completely free for GPs. Simply provide your email address (which becomes your MEDrefer username) and choose a password to immediately start using MEDrefer to securely issue and track your referrals with notifications sent direct to your Bp inbox.

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Issuing Your First Referral

Searching for new Specialists and Allied Health Professionals has never been easier. Simply enter the discipline and a location to see the breadth of our database of referees. But before you issue a referral to a patient you can see MEDrefer referrals in action by sending a test referral.

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Tracking Your Referrals

Once you’ve sent a referral via MEDrefer, we’ll keep you informed via your Bp Inbox when significant changes occur, e.g. when accepted, cancelled, if the patient did not attend or when a report is received. The Patient's Correspondence Out folder always shows the referral’s current status.

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